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Marriage, Child Support & Custody - Marriage, Child Support & Custody

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If you're experiencing a death, divorce or just worried about planning your family's future,  Tim McCoy as your lawyer can help remove some of that stress. I am your lawyer  -- the professional who understands worries you have about the outcome of your case, and how your family will be affected.

McCoy Law Firm's reputation is for skilled, thorough, compassionate representation.

Marriage, Child Support & Custody

Understandably, people tend to push end-of-life considerations aside. However, a properly prepared and implemented estate plan will save your loved ones considerable time and money in the long-run. 


When a parent or family member passes away, disputes often arise over how to interpret a will or the will’s validity. Sometimes the decedent creates a will or codicil at a time in which the decedent lacked the requisite testamentary capacity. Other circumstances that may negate a will include undue influence, duress, fraud, forgery, or coercion. A will may be invalid simply because it was not witnessed properly or signed correctly.

These disputes, often involving close family members, are emotional and complex in nature. It is important to have knowledgeable attorneys on your side to represent your interests and the interests of the estate. If you are involved in a dispute involving a will, trust, or other related probate matter, McCoy Law Firm can be your advocate and guide/


You are unique:  our skill and experience helps tailor a thorough and personalized plan for your case, or for your estate.

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