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Business Transactions, Real Property &

Defending Injury to Persons or Realty Claims

 35 Years of Commercial and Trial Practice

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The McCoy Law Firm provides legal advice, document and transactional preparation, and litigation services related to business law in Oklahoma, throughout Texas and neighboring states. Our representation is comprehensive, and we are well adept at handling all legal aspects your business may require in and out of the courtroom.

The best way to avoid a business dispute is to prevent one from the outset of your business relationship through binding and legally enforceable contracts. We draft, review, implement and enforce an array of business contracts and agreements that are designed to help prevent disputes or litigation from arising in the first place.

Civil & Commercial  Violations

We have training and experience in regulatory law, and we can defend clients against regulatory enforcement investigations and actions at the federal, state and local level.

Regulatory and entity business litigation often involves shareholder and partnership disputes, where parties in a business relationship no longer agree or have acted on their own. Every case stands on its own facts, but many times they merit not only compensation for monetary damages but also injunctive relief – a legal solution where the court orders the infringing partner to cease a specific action.

Injunctive relief might be necessary if one partner is infringing on the other’s intellectual property, breaches his or her fiduciary duties, or tries to “poach” or unfairly take clients or key employees for themselves.

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