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Tim McCoy

Call us at 405-319-0000 and set your appointment today.  Your matter will be handled professionally, confidentially and economically.  Experience counts, and you will receive the best advice and services you need in your circumstance.


McCoy Law Firm protects your life with the best legal guidance, and litigation results in the most cost effective manner.  McCoy Law Firm honors clients through exceptional personal service, early evaluation, legal research, diversity of practice and sensitivity to the needs of clients. Litigation, documentation or guidance.

Value 01. - Attentiveness

Many cases start with bad facts.  Maybe you were caught off guard, or you have been mis-characterized, or after an accident or disaster they are flat out lying.​

With diligence, and years of experience and law study, a "bad" case can be won and any disaster averted.  

Come in and attentiveness to all your story will reveal the best way to "win" the bad trial.

Value 02. - Expertise

Over 30 years of trial experience can be put to use for  you.  Mr. McCoy began his career with awards in legal study in over 6 crucial areas, and continued his education with many trials won and defended.

Take advantage of this expertise. 

Value 03. - Support

McCoy's staff is experienced and will support the efforts.  Come in and meet the staff and your confidence to prevail in you situation will be lifted.


Partner and Business Trial Lawyer

Whether its your small business, or your personal property that is at stake, Mr. McCoy handles the litigation so that you can protect your property and business.

Lawyer, Academic Award Winner, Former Adjuster 

Winner of 6 Awards in 6 Areas of Law.  Former Insurance Adjuster and Trained in Contracts, Insurance, and other Vital areas for Litigation success, Tim McCoy can handle your litigation problems.

Tried cases in Oklahoma, Texas, and Federal Courts.  Oil Companies, marketers and property owners in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas or Texas can benefit from Mr. McCoy's experience.


Family Lawyer & Experienced Injury Lawyer

Family Law, Probate Dispute Litigation, Real Estate Law

Experienced in site investigation and taking care of the needs of the injured party.


"Remember, the resolve to succeed in court is more important than any other, by it you will persevere."

Tim McCoy - "Ne Cede" firm motto, translated means, Never Give Up, or give in to pressure.


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McCoy Law Firm is committed to answering your questions about Civil Rights, Small Business Litigation & Counsel, Injury Law, Family, Property & Bankruptcy Law issues in Oklahoma City, OK.

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