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Asset Protection  |  Debt Management & Bankruptcy Law

 40 Years of accumulated practice

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Asset Protection works by removing the economic incentive for a person, and that person’s attorney to pursue you in a court of law, or to find assets that benefit your family and are immune to attachment or legal process. The best way to protect your assets is to take legal steps to make you unattractive to potential predators.  Since 1997, McCoy Law Firm has helped to protect and preserve the assets and wealth of thousands of clients nationwide. 

Asset protection planning involves making prudent decisions today to protect yourself, your business, and your hard-earned assets from loss due to lawsuits, creditors or bankruptcies. This type of legal planning is especially prudent for professionals and business owners, whose personal assets could be at risk due the nature of their employment.

With the high number of divorces, lawsuits and bankruptcies, still no one believes lightning will strike them.

Don't take a chance ,with wealth created through a lifetime of work.  These can be lost overnight so protect your assets from such disaster, and engage McCoy Law Firm for proper risk management strategies.  

Debt Management & Bankruptcy Law

Having a lawyer skilled with deflecting debt collectors through legal means can save your business or property through timely workouts or defenses.   If  you need it, bankruptcy can be carefully used to improve your business, preserve your assets and actually improve your credit rating over a short span of time. 

No one should have to live with the stress harsh financial problems can cause. If you have substantial debts that you cannot repay, or your business has had a downturn,  filing a form of bankruptcy can give you the fresh financial start you need. After you file bankruptcy, you will be able to hold your head up again and face your future with a clean financial slate.  

Bankruptcy can stop collections and creditors immediately, but the process does take a while before you receive a discharge. Our experience and compassion will help you through this process.


We can answer your questions regarding:

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a plan for protection for individuals with income

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides protection under the Code and helps discharge debts that cannot be repaid

  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for businesses that need a little time to get back on their feet

  • Secured debts vs. unsecured ones

  • How to stop wage garnishment

  • How to navigate adversary proceedings

  • How to stop creditor harassment

  • How to avoid foreclosure

  • What property you can keep

  • Whether you should file bankruptcy or not

  • What life is like after bankruptcy

  • Common myths about bankruptcy

  • Recent Supreme Court decisions

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