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Our stock in trade is time.  But we look at your situation and try to give added value when we quote you a fee.

Some cases especially for individuals on tight budgets we will work with you after a free 1/2 hour consultation to give you breathing room to solve the legal dilemma of money costs to ensure your rights are protected.  Payment plans and credit programs are available.  Credit cards and other means of payment are available.



Initial Consultation for Hourly Cases

A lawyer's knowledge and experience is his product.  The McCoy Law Firm's expertise is worth every penny.   Your facts will be determined and the kind of remedy will be described.  In some instances the first few minutes will be used to engage the firm and the firm will absorb the initial consultation. 

For FREE consultations or reduced costs:

 PERSONAL INJURY: No charge for first consultation, nothing unless financial result is obtained

FAMILY LAW:  If McCoy Law Firm is Engaged, initial  1/2 hour consultation is free.

BUSINESS LITIGATION: If McCoy Law Firm is Engaged, initial  1/2 hour consultation is free.

HIRED CONSULTATIONS looking for advice: $295.00 min. flat fee or per hour thereafter.

$295 hr. flat rate

Legal & Auditing Advice

Suppose you need an official opinion on a sticky situation.  The time to review, research and solve or advise you on the problem is hourly; and auditing the legal situation while it is developing can be broken into periodic half hour consultations while the situation is developing to help guide you away from a messy litigation situation.  Hourly rates apply.

$295 per hour

Arbitration, Mediation, & Concilation

Businesses often need to solve a problem with arbitration mediation or other means.  McCoy Law Firm can guide you through those processes so that you realize the best result from the process.  This includes insurance claim negotiations, business disputes and attempts to settle matters between owners, shareholders, partners and officers.

$300  per hour

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