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Winning your children without losing the case

When you come to McCoy Law Firm, we work to get your case in shape for achieving your goals.

No one plans to end up in divorce, but when this happens there are practical things we suggest to keep your case in its best posture for getting a favorable result you and your children can live with and make the best recovery in the divorced parents situation.

SOME GOOD ADVICE I have heard:

  1. Don’t take to heart all the other side’s texts, threats, or accusations. We can advise you about what is real, what is threatening, and what can be changed and overcome.

  2. Don’t ask for or accept the advice of others. There is no need of additional anxiety; discuss with us your goals and we will work towards them.

  3. Even though you might have anger, sadness, disappointment or victory moments, your life day to day is still going on much the same, so don’t let it affect your work, your children or friends and relations; enjoy what you can, even in the midst of other emotions and chaos.

  4. Don’t make decisions based on sudden strong emotion; get advice from us as your emotions are not legal experts.

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